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  1. Please include details of which buildings these rooms are in.

  2. Greetings. Is 18 Lehman a PC Lab or should we BYOD? Thanks.

  3. Megan Wacha says:

    Hi, Roberta! A great question. 18 Lehman is a PC lab, but campers are encouraged to bring their own laptops as they may want to take notes, tweet, etc. throughout the day.

  4. Anne Jonas says:

    Hi Roberta,
    All rooms are in Barnard Hall except 18 Lehman, which is in Lehman Hall.

  5. Kim Hall says:

    Newbie here! Perhaps the workshops are closed, so it doesn’t matter, but for the ones that are introductions to new platforms, etc. it would help to include a link to a page that describes it.

  6. Megan Wacha says:

    Hi, Kim! Thanks so much for your helpful comment. We’re in the process of adding links now. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. ~ Megan

  7. Jill Pruett says:

    I’ll bring it up at the scheduling session, but I’m hoping we can juggle the list so that the teacher-y types can get in on both the digital pedagogy sessions. (Right now, they’re both at 2:15.)

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