Video a Go Go

Hands on workshop learning how to use the tools that you ALREADY have (or can buy for under $5.00) to make short videos. Come with footage from the conference and create a collaborative video where EVERYONE gets to contribute footage and make the edits. Bring ideas for a video that you want to create and learn how to take the next step. Work together, alone, with assistance. Just get those videos rolling!
Not platform specific. Mac, PC, Linux, phones, tablets, phablets, cameras.


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About Alexis Seeley

Personal introduction Circa 2002: Hey, my names Alexis, I do freelance audio and video stuff. I also teach kids how to make videos. Who has time for Galaga when you are breaking high scores in Speedy Miss Packman all day and night? 2013: I am super interested in digital literacy and encouraging folks to make their own projects with the tools they already have or can easily access. Also, (paperwork pending) I am a licensed Master Barber.