Daniela Capistrano


Daniela Capistrano founded POC Zine Project in 2010. The mission of POCZP is to make all zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share, and has a digital archiving component. She has worked as a multimedia producer, journalist and troublemaker in NYC since 2004.

Daniela is originally from California, where she worked for various non-profits while producing events with an artists collective. She is adopting a teen through the NYC foster care system in 2013 (learn more about that at fuckyeahadoptateen.tumblr.com).

In addition to creating and analyzing media on a regular basis, Daniela is a media literacy activist who has led and supported workshops and projects for youth. She founded DCAP Media LLC in 2010 to work on game-changing multi-platform projects that create positive outcomes in the world.

When she’s not working or playing on Tumblr, Daniela chills out in a converted piano factory in the South Bronx with her cat Fellow.