G Ragovin

  • Apprentice Archivist
  • San Jose State University

I majored in ancient Greek and Roman culture and literature (what they call *the* classics lol), and have a strong interest in queer history, esp trans*/gender non-conforming history, and the history of other oppressed groups. I'm an aspiring archivist with a strong interest in digital projects and decreasing the digital divide.

I'm weak on the technology side, and while atm I'm focusing on the core skills of an archivist I will definitely need to improve my technological literacy, learn more than the very little bit of coding I can do, and so on.

I am a member of trans*/queer punk art collective Gender EDGE (www.genderedge.blogspot.com) and am helping organize a punk/DIY support group/collective for queer/trans* folks who have experienced abuse/trauma/ongoing crisis as children. I volunteer for the Trans* Oral History Project.

Broad long-term goal: bring the radical and the queer to the archives, and bring the skillz and knowledge of information science to the radical and queer organizations and communities I'm part of.