Hadassah Damien


I wear many hats: as an artist I create work which has a deeply feminist message. I also co-curate and co-produce the annual Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow and the Opentoe Peepshow, both queer performance art events that prioritize the voices of feminine-spectrum people, working-class people, and people of color.

As a graduate student, I study extra-institutional political visual cultural production as it emerges through non market uses of technology: for example how an image on a screen print screen gets repurposed. I'm materially focused on the history of the raised fist image and am almost completed my Masters' thesis.

As an activist I do work and give talks on the topic of confronting misogyny and creating anti-opressive, transformative communities.

Lastly I work in communications, and have taught and follow trends in using technology for social change, including understanding social media and teaching web design and development. I'm interested in collaboratively learning about APIs and visual analysis of large data sets.

Thanks for putting this together!