Laurel Harris

  • Assistant Professor
  • Queensborough Community College
  • Twitter: @lharris100

I received my Ph.D. in English from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2011, and I currently teach at Queensborough Community College. My research interests include Anglo-American modernism, feminism and women's writing, film and literature, radio and literature, comparative media studies, archival studies, interdisciplinarity, and writing studies. I have published on Vernon Lee and Virginia Woolf's final novel and British documentary cinema in the 1930s. I recently co-edited the collection _Communal Modernisms: Teaching Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture in the Twenty-First Century Classroom_ (Palgrave 2013). This collection explores the value of new modernist methodologies like interdisciplinarity and recovery work for undergraduate teaching with a particular focus on modernist AngloAmerican women writers.

I regularly use technology--Blackboard, WordPress blogs, ePortfolio, PP and prezi--in all of my classes to engage students and encourage active learning. That said, I am very wary of the increasing focus on educational technology for educational technology's sake in the two-year college and beyond. I also wonder how best to use technology as a tool to empower students and develop critical habits of mind.