THATCamp Feminisms Tweets

As many of you know, THATCamp Feminisms East is happening simultaneously with THATCamp Feminisms West at Scripps College and THATCamp Feminisms South at Emory University. We are very excited about the opportunity to follow and connect with these sister events in the twittersphere using the following hashtags:

THATCamp Feminisms East:  #tcfe

THATCamp Feminisms West:  #tcfw

THATCamp Feminisms South: #tcfso

THATCamp Feminisms (All): #tcfem

How you use the hashtags is up to you, but all tweets attached to a hashtag will be archived and made accessible to participants post-camp.

Want to follow other campers at THATCamp Feminisms East? Check out the THATCamp Feminisms East list.

Want to participate in the conversation, but don’t have an account? Create one! Then check out some useful tips here, and let us know if you’d like a brief orientation to Twitter.

Happy tweeting!!

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I hold a Master's degree in Performance Studies as well as a Master's degree in Library and Information Science. My research interests include twentieth century American concert dance, issues of information access, and the intersections between these two areas. I also love westerns.