What I Wish I Had Known Earlier in the Digital Humanities Development Process

From Mia Zamora, Kean University:

I would like to propose a “Best Practices and Advice” discussion, or “What I Wish I Had Known Earlier in the Development Process” to support anyone who might be embarking on their first DH project. (Especially a DH Project which has an explicit activist component meant to engage the public in societal change.) When taking the big leap and developing a new DH resource, how can we best foster the practical principles of -information design, -collaboration, -access to sources, -analytic and visualization tools, -user interface, -community-building, -reader contributions, -methodology, and -critical apparatus that are so important to the success of a digital humanities project? I would like to hear from those who have been down this road and gained certain experience developing a long-term DH project. What have you learned along the way? …What has worked, what has not, etc.? (i.e. What have been your best resources? Most supportive professional learning communities? Advice on project timelines? Advice on securing grant support for development phases?). Also, I would love to hear thoughts on the simultaneous juggle of developing a new DH project (i.e. “making something”) and formally writing about that process. Advice on particular editorial/scholarly writing venues that can be considered when planning to write about project development?


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